Center for Disease Control
Logo of The CDC
Area(s) Served United States of America
Headquarters Atlanta Ruins, Georgia, USA
Number of Members 15,000
Current Leader Edwin Jenner
Notable Members 4 Unnamed CDC Agents
First Appearance The Walking Dead: Season 1 (TV Series)
Latest Appearance War Of Heroes: Rise of The Dead
"The CDC was one of the first major Outposts to fall in the Walker Invasion 3 months ago, after the Armada invaded 3 States in America simultaneously and caused a Dimensional Shockwave. Our Deadkiller Squad was sent to investigate the Building Ruins for clues to Edwin Jenner. The Walkers were hungry around there, though."

- Dashiell Parr describing the situation with the CDC in War Of Heroes: Rise of The Dead

The Center for Disease Control is a faction in the upcoming Ubisoft-Pixar Game, War Of Heroes: Rise of The Dead. Before the War Against the Villain Armada and subsequent Walker Invasions of Earth-23000, the CDC was the World's leading Scientific Research and Development Groups, founded in 1949 and stood for 69 years.

However, the CDC was disbanded after the Great Invasion of Earth-23000, and the start of the War Against the Villain Armada marked the end for the Faction, and things for them only got worse when the Forces of the Coalition and Armada begun a massive, simultaneous Battle across 3 States: including Georgia, where the CDC was stationed in Atlanta!

The 3-State Battle caused a huge Dimensional Shockwave that caused millions of Walkers (or Zombies) to invade Earth-23000 in an event called the Walker Invasion. The CDC was one of the first to fall after the massive and epic Battle of Atlanta, where 145,000 CDC Agents armed with Futuristic Weapons were completely overwhelmed by a Walker Horde, while the Faction's 2 leading Scientists, Edwin and Candace Jenner, took refuge in the CDC Building and sealed the complex off, and this led to the very near end of the CDC.

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