Creator: Ice Knight (Nickname) Edit

Championship Fighters X is a fan-made fighting game made by Ice Knight. It is the first game made by Ice Knight and is also the first made game in the Championship Fighters series. It is currently being developed by Ice Knight, Nintendo and Game Arts. It will be released on the following consoles, Wii U, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox ONE. It will be released on the following date, 16 Janurary 2014.

Gameplay Edit

The game is basically a 3D Dimensional game. The game world is expanded, with some levels even featuring multiple paths and choices. It also brings the areas of the game world feel connected (i.e You can see Bowser's Castle from Mushroom Meadows).

The characters will also look a bit more realistic. Instead of being plain old sprites, they will have the same features as their regular kind will do (i.e The animal kinds like Sonic will have quite a furry body). The characters also may have lighter or darker colors depending on how they were colored. And for some characters who can't speak are now able to in the scenes they are shown in.

Mechanics Edit

The game adds many mechanics, such as ways to attack and move. This allows the player to do most of the stuff a regular person would do ( Well Almost...).

List of Mechanics:

-Moving Mechanics: The Moving Mechanics are much better than regular ones which just allowing the player to run and jump. This one allows players to do much more, and some are even only featured to certain characters. These are the only Moving Mechanics available to all characters. Walk and Sprinting, Double Jumping, Edge Grabbing, Climbing and Swimming. The rest of the Moving Mechanics are only available to certain characters.

-Fighting Mechanics: The Fighting Mechanics are much better than regular ones which just allows the player to throw combos and mid-air attack. This allows the player to do combos and mid-air attack just like always, block, dodge and counter attack. Just like the Moving Mechanics, there are some Fighting Mechanics limited to certain characters.

-Bonus Zones Mechanics: The Bonus Zones Mechanics is one of the great mechanics in this game. This allows the character to go to a special Bonus Zone, where the player can unlock a special playable character after completing the mission. (Note: These Bonus Zones are only in the Story Mode).

The Rise Of Darkness Edit

The Rise Of Darkness is the story mode of Championship Fighters X. It brings the player to a huge world, where he/she must battle their way to the Darkness. There, the player will have his/her final showdown with all of the help he/she has gotten throughout the adventure. However, there will not be enough space to put all of the chapter explanations. So click here for information.

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