Chaos Faction 3 is the third season of Chaos Faction series produced by EON.


The very-long awaited prequel to the Chaos Faction is now here! Battle through 50-new story mode levels, play with nine other players in deathmatch, fight against 29 other characters in royal chaos, and unlock over 150 characters all the way. Choose over on the official 30 characters, choose on the 30 Newgrounds official characters, buy locked characters, buy legendary characters, or win new characters using stickers. Play in a tag team with one friend, or make it bigger up to five more friends. Fight alone against two or more characters, and win several titles such as the Chaos Universe Champion, Chaos Universe Royal Chaos Champion, Chaos Universe Edge Champion, and Chaos Universe Tag Team Champion. Compete in a 5-on-5 Total Chaos Elimination level, or make it bigger up to 10-on-10.

Design your character with newly improved character editor, and character creator. Design and name your own weapon and you'll decide how much stronger it is. Choose on over 140 weapons, and even buy pets on the pet shop. Coins are now introduced, used to buy locked characters, locked weapons, and pets. Choose on over 50 pets in the shop to join you in fight. Cash are also now introduced, used to buy legendary characters and buy on over-30 legendary weapons. You can also buy new 50 allies at any levels. And what's better? Your ally and pet can join you in one match! So what are you waiting for?...and wait, there's more!

You can also unlock new characters using stickers. Also unlock new weapons, pets, and allies.

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