These are the descriptions about the trailers for Super Smash Bros. Uproar.

The Opening Trailer Edit

TBA... (Adding Changes)

Waluigi's Entrance! Trailer Edit

A vast tennis court is shown in the screen with the audience cheering for the competitors loud and clear. The competitors are then shown, Mario, Peach, Bowser and Luigi. As Bowser makes a shot, a fast and fiery ball flies straight forward but then is hit straight back at Bowser. A tennis racket is shown with a line of purple gems around the tennis racket and it slowly vooms to the hand and zooms out, revealing the wielder of the purple racket, Waluigi! Waluigi then takes a bomb out of his pocket and uses it as a tennis ball and hits it with his racket, exploding Bowser in the face. Waluigi is then seen about to shoot another one and purple paint is spread across the background with a certain rectangle-shaped black paint right next to Waluigi. The name 'Waluigi' is shown in CAPS, with a phrase at the bottom saying 'Explodes all the laughter!'. A short video of Waluigi's gameplay in both the Wii U and 3DS version is then shown, and finally it ends at the 3D World stage, with Waluigi using his side taunt, which is laughing about with a tennis racket on one hand and the other holding a bomb. After the video is shown, the regular animation of a character trailer ending in SSB4 is shown, and that's where the video finally ends.

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