Charles River Simulator is an indie action/simulator video game developed by Appleseed Creek Digital Studios and created by Poco TV Interactive Media. The game revolves around the outlandish trademark shenanigans Charles River frequently gets himself involved in, such as getting drunk, annoying Harriet River, battling Officer Krillman, “encountering” (particularly hallucinating) forest penguins and other crazy stuff.


As the title of the game implies, the player is in control of Charles River. Players are free to roam around Appleseed Creek. There are challenges that the player will get into and they are particularly Charles’ hair brained situations. A certain button will have to be pressed repeatedly if Charles has to drink beer, reach for his TV remote with his foot, take a dump, dance drunkenly at the bar, or eat pot pies. While he explores Appleseed Creek, whenever he runs into Officer Krillman, a boss fight will begin. While exploring Granny Smith State Park, when he’s drunk, Charles will hallucinate penguins and when he comes across a bulky penguin (who is the toughest of them), he will have to fight it. Pressing buttons repeatedly too fast while doing simple shenanigans will cause Charles River to cramp his stomach while taking a dump, fall asleep while watching TV, fall down to the ground while dancing, or get hepatitis after drinking too much beer. There are times when Charles has to aid Aleks in fighting the Gamma Street Gang, Lydia the Dark, or SumSWAGguy.


  • Rivers' Farmhouse
  • Walking to Appleseed Creek
  • Appleseed Creek
  • Studio Infinity
  • Granny Smith State Park
  • Junkyard
  • Vanguardia
  • Penguin Temple
  • Brimley Manor


  • Officer Krillman
  • Bulkguin
  • Wood Penguin Overlord
  • Gamma Street Gang
  • Lydia the Dark
  • SumSWAGguy
  • Wilford Brimley

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