Chicago Knight: Ragnarok is an independent project in the Chicago Knight Saga. Non-canon to all COTWD Projects and games, Chicago Knight: Ragnarok is the first game in the series where the protagonist, Jackson 'Jacks' Pearce, deals with threats from another Galaxy rather than Earth-based threats, as Alex Amancio puts it: "There are two realms to Chicago Knight and all our other games: there's the Earth Realm and there's the Cosmic Realm. The Earth-based games are mostly the characters dealing with terrorists and massive Villain factions, but the Cosmic games are them dealing with Alien Empires and people like Thanos or Ronan The Accuser", and this is the story for the game, and Jacks must gather his allies and stop Thanos from obtaining the Infinity Stones, or else Thanos will start Ragnarok, the End Of All Things. The game is a two-parter, with both being released yearly. Part I will be release in May 2018, and Part II is set for release in May 2019 in rivalry with Avengers: Infinity War. The game is exclusive to Xbox One.

Cast and Characters Edit

Jackson 'Jacks' Pearce - Voice Actor: Nicholas Bode. Chicago Knight: Ragnarok was said to be Bode's last role in voicing Jacks, but Bode later retracted this statement, saying he would return as Jacks for Infinity War IV and Infinity War V. In an interview with IGN, Bode stated: "To play Jacks, it isn't really just a 'tongue and cheek' thing, it's something you need to prepare for all the time. Jacks' character is a complex one, and I'm glad that the character's first appearance in WATCH_DOGS has evolved into the Call of the Watch Dogs and Chicago Knight series".

Clementine Everett - Voice Actress: Melissa Hutchinson.

Aiden Pearce - Voice Actor: Noam Jenkins

Nicole Pearce - Voice Actress: Anna Hopkins.

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