A similar appearance

Stage Info

Size: Large
How to Unlock: Complete Level 2
Music Princess of China - Coldplay & Rihanna (Instrumental Edit)
Map Coming Soon

Chinatown is the stage based off Level 2 in Side Scroll.


This stage is a small development on The Airport in terms of complexity as it further progresses with the maze like aspects. It also incorporates a lot more obstacles in the open areas that players can hide behind or use strategically to move around the market square.

Default BOTSEdit

If in multi-players mode, the listed characters will be replaced by their choices.

Default WeaponsEdit

  • Silenced Pistol (Start gun for characters)
  • Uzi x5
  • Sniper Rifle x3
  • Mines x2


Ammo for the Silenced Pistols, Uzis and Sniper Rifles are located in various areas around the map. (See map plan for more information)

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