Clementine Everett
Clem S2 axe
Clementine in Rise of Scarecrow
Full Name Clementine Everett
Current Age 15 (Hero Knights)
Date of Birth December 21st, 2003
Gender Female
Species Superhuman
Hometown Metroville (Hero Knights)
Class Legendary Hero
Main Weapon(s) AMR9-G (Grenade Launcher, Extended Magazine)
Debut The Walking Dead Video Game
Current Status(es) Alive
Main Ability/ies Psionics
Energy Manipulation
Affiliation(s) Watch Dogs Military Program
Alias(es) Alpha 4
Relation(s) Diana (mother, deceased)
Ed (father, deceased)
Lee Everett (guardian, deceased)
Jackson Pearce (possible love interest)

Clementine Everett is the main protagonist of the COTWD: Hero Knights Reboot Trilogy, and a main playable character in Call Of The Watch Dogs: Hero Knights and Metroville Knight VS Underminer.

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