Clem S2 axe
Full Name Clementine Everett
Age 11
Alias(es) Raven
Knight 2-7
Hair Colour   Black
Eye Colour   Purple
Ethnicity African-American
Relation(s) Lee Everett (adoptive father)
Jack Parr (protégé)
Dash Parr (ex-boyfriend)
Clementine Everett, also known as Raven, is a protagonist in the Incredibles Crossover Series and War Of Heroes: Knights of The Fallen Coalition. She is 11 years old and highly adept with firearms, Futuristic Technologies and hand-to-hand combat. Clementine is also the closest friend to Jack Johnson Parr, and they are described as inseparable, and they work together on every single mission. After joining Trident Division, Clementine takes the Codename of Knight 2-7.

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