Clem S2 axe
Clementine Everett
Gender Female
Alias Raven
Status Alive
Affiliation The New Incredibles Initiative
Relations Lee Everett (adoptive father)
Dashiell Parr (love interest)
Weapon AMR-9 (with Grenade Launcher)

Clementine Everett is the secondary main protagonist of the Incredibles Crossover Series, and character in the Incredibles Game Series. She is highly adept in hand-to-hand combat and is extremely accurate and use to using firearms. Clementine is the biological daughter to Ed and Diana (last names unknown), but her parents were killed when she was 8 years old. Up until the age of 11, Clementine was under the wing of Lee Everett, her adoptive father, but later seperated from Lee and joined the New Incredibles Initiative along with Jackson Pearce, Violet Parr, Clint 'Hawkeye' Barton and Hawkeye's son, Cooper 'Eagle' Barton. She has a very strong affection for Dashiell Parr (New Incredibles), and is currently in a relationship with him.

Appearance Edit

Clementine has black hair, yellow eyes and she is African-American. She wears a purple sweatshirt with a white shirt underneath, with grey jeans and black boots, along with her iconic purple and white baseball cap with a 'D' on the front. When using her powers (which she discovered in the end of Incredibles: Genesis of The Past in a fit of anguish and rage after sensing Lee's death), Clementine's eyes turn purple in Telekinetic Energy.

Character Relationships Edit

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