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Alesso - Cool
Game(s) Just Dance: House
Artist Alesso Feat. Roy English
Year February 16th, 2015
Difficulty Medium
No. of Gold Moves 3
No. of Shake Moves
Dancer Gender(s) 1 Male
Alternate versions School
Mode Solo
Pictogram Color
Glove Color
Lyrics Color
Lyrics Link AZ Lyrics
YouTube Link Official Video

Cool is one of the unlockable songs in Just Dance: House, costing 200 DANCE Coins. It is a song by Swedish DJ and music producer Alesso, featuring vocals from American singer Roy English, also known by his real name Brandon Wronski, who is the frontman of the former American rock band Eye Alaska. The track samples Kylie Minogue's "Get Outta My Way". The song is rated medium difficulty and features a solo male dancer.

Chart RecordEdit

Country/Chart Week
Year End
Unreleased Unreleased Unreleased
Unreleased Unreleased Unreleased
N/A None
Unreleased Unreleased Unreleased

Dancer and SettingEdit

The dancer and scenery are very similar to the music video. The male dancer is dressed as if a member of an american school, given there is no strict uniform. He supports the simple casual hair style and his outfit consists of blue jeans, a black and blue checkered shirt and black sneakers. The dance takes place in a long corridor, with doors on each side at regular intervals. There are lockers lining both walls, and there are also various posters and banners hanging in the background.


Classic VersionEdit

Extreme VersionEdit

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