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Cooper Barton
Gender Male
Alias Eagle
Status Alive
Affiliation New Incredibles Initiative
Relations Clint Barton (Father)
Laura Barton (Mother)
Lila Barton (Sister)
Nathaniel Barton (Brother)
Weapon ARX-160 (ACOG, Long Barrel, Extended Mag AR)
Annihilator Revolver

Cooper Barton is a character in the New Incredibles series, and a member of the New Incredibles Initiative. He is the son of Clint and Laura Barton (the former being the former Avenger, Hawkeye) and a close friend of Jackson Pearce, Clementine Everett and Violet Parr.

Cooper takes the codename of "Eagle" during the New Incredibles series, as a member of the New Incredibles Initiative. He carries an ARX-160 Assault Rifle with an ACOG Scope, Advanced Rifling, Long Barrel and Extended Magazine. As a sidearm, Cooper carries the Annihilator Revolver, a High-Calibre Revolver that kills any enemy it hits with one shot, and can event blow out a human's Ribcage with a single bullet, and this makes Cooper one of the most lethal sidearm-wielders in the series. Unlike his father, he doesn't use a Compound Bow, instead preferring guns blazing over tactical stealth.

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