Courage is the title character and main protagonist of the Courage the Cowardly Dog series. He lives in Nowhere, Kansas with the Bagges - the sweet-natured, kind-hearted, Scottish-accented Muriel and the mailcious, ill-tempered and greedy Eustace. As his name implies, he is a pink Beagle puppy whose job is to protect his owners from monsters and other creepy stuff going on in Nowhere, but is easily scared. He was popular on Cartoon Network due to his show being known for its dark imagery and themes, but was cancelled in 2002 and never revived.

Moveset Edit

Neutral B: Scream Edit

Courage will scream at the top of his lungs, like he usually does when he panics or sees something scary. The longer the scream is charged, the longer it lasts and the more damage it deals.

Side B: Yo-Yo Edit

Courage will perform different tricks with his Yo-Yo. It will help either knock back projectile attacks and even let him leap high.

Up B: Spring Head Edit

Courage will scream and his head will become a spring that will bounce opponents very high, which can sometimes result in a Star KO. This attack is based off of when Courage screams and his springs off in the episode Record Deal.

Down B: Hunchback of Nowhere Edit

Courage will ring a bell that will summon the Hunchback of Nowhere from the titular episode of the same name. Courage will allow the Hunchback to attack an opponent by putting on a Eustace mask.

Final Smash: Ultimate Scream Edit

This Final Smash is based off of Courage's longest scream from the episode Ball of Revenge, which is what Squid Lust is based on. Courage will inhale deeply and scream so loud that rocks will come raining down from above.

Personality Edit

Courage is chicken-hearted, as he will run away from anything scary. He is often abused and mistreated by Eustace because of his cowardice. He is mostly protective of Muriel, who he sees as the damsel-in-distress. Courage is also very selfless and sometimes lives up to his name, meaning he can show bravery at times.

Appearance Edit

Courage is small pink Beagle with two small black spots and a big black spot with a white spot on his back. He has a small tail and yellow teeth. He also has black ears and nose with brown lining.

Protagonist in... Edit

  • Netflix Smash Bros. Brawl
  • Netflix Smash Bros. Universe

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