The following is a timeline for the Call Of The Watch Dogs: Covert Warfare Series, detailing character births, important events and other elements in the CW Series. The timeline spans from 1964-2014.

1960's Edit

  • Jonathan Price is born in London, England, United Kingdom.
  • US President JFK is assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald.
  • The Space Race ends in American achievement as Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armtrong are the first men to step on to the moon.

1974 Edit

  • May 2, 1974: Aiden Pearce is born in Belfast, Irish Republic during the Belfast Conflicts.
  • Post-May 2, 1974: The Irish Republic Army and British Army are in heavy conflict and are destroying an entire city with the Belfast Conflicts.

1978 Edit

  • Mid-1978: Nicole, Aiden's sister, is also born in Belfast during the Conflicts.
  • Some time after Nicole's birth, the Belfast Conflicts have become even more violent, forcing the Pearce family to move to the United States of America, and live in the city of Chicago. What happened to Aiden and Nicole's father has not been disclosed, although it was considered he died in the Belfast Conflicts or died in a later time of natural causes.

1992 Edit

  • Griggs, the future leader of Devil Team and destined Villain Lord, is born in San Diego, California in the United States.
  • John MacTavish is born in London, England.
  • Many other future Villains, such as Simon 'Ghost' Riley, Keith Arem and others are born in the UK and America

1993 Edit

  • Allegations of athletes using performance enhancing drugs to perform better and win at sports continue, with the company known as Griggs Industries (at the time led by Griggs' father) catches on to this, and starts using their R&D Projects with these drugs to make Advanced Medicine, and making billions of dollars in profit from these Projects. This is what started the company and ultimately led to the founding of Devil Team.

2003 Edit

  • 10 years after Griggs Industries starts making billions, the company is now a leading developer in surveillance and Military funding.
  • November 9th, 2003: Jackson Pearce is born to Nicole Pearce and an unknown father in Chicago, Illinois, United States.
  • Griggs Industries starts the 'Age of Wearable Technology and Robotics' after making a breakthrough in their scientific research. Griggs' father, John Griggs, gives a speech of how this will turn the world into a digital book, and that his son (Griggs) will continue this in his name.
  • December 21st, 2003: Clementine Everett is born to Ed and Diana in Atlanta, Georgia.

2006 Edit

  • October 9th, 2006: Jacks' younger sister, Lena Pearce, is born to Nicole Pearce and an unknown father.
  • After years of research, Griggs Industries finally manages to crack the code and begin developing advanced weaponry such as a Test Version of the RE-23 Exo Suit, and begins testing on Direct Energy Weaponry, causing the greatest advance in modern science since the splitting of the Atom.

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