Crack "Skell" Klonbicoot McGold
Current Age unknown
Date of Birth 24 February
Gender Male
Species Globoxian (Bandicoot + Hedgehog)
Hometown Luigipolis (Formerly)


Class Hero, Scieneist
Main Weapon(s) Doroia (Used as anything), Bluey (Used as inhaling objects)
Debut The Lost Prop (1979)
Current Status(es) Alive
Main Ability/ies Leg attack, walking on the magnetic walls
Affiliation(s) L'équipe dangereuse
Alias(es) Crack (For short), Yotto (Originally), The Tomb Raider (By Himself)
Relation(s) Doroia (Sidekick)

Bluey (Pet) Yoli Flankasura (Best Friend) Dr. Bucketarious (Father)

 Crack - is the title character in the and primary protagonist of the Crack Series.

Introduced in 1979 originally named as Yotto who was the main protagonist of Comic book series The Lost Prop (1979), Where's my TV? (1988), The Dish of Doom (1991). who later became Crack in 1994 SNES Game with same name


Early LifeEdit

Crack was born on Germaniaca. Having his lost mother (Canetta Kellog), and Father (Keith Kellog) who died and became Dr. Bucketarious. Crack was walking on the forest  searching the place for relax. When he gets scared by Doroia Crack was tried to kill him and gets tired, Doroia apologized for it decided that they will be together forever.

The lost PropEdit

Crack and Doroia take a trip to the city called Luigipolis for the new home, Crack walked around the city searching for his Guitar Prop to buy but someone took. Crack and Doroia flying on the air searching for the Prop, Crack sees with his binoculars to Locate it. 

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Where's My TV?Edit

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The Dish of DoomEdit

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Wobot Raws: The DestructionEdit

Crack makes his cameo as Golden statue.

Crack (8-Bit)Edit

Crack has being chased by Dr. Black Clandy who wants to catch him for the first time. Doroia Saves Crack grabbing him by his legs and easily escaped. 

Crack (1994)Edit

Crack and Doroia spent time at the Hammock on the Planet Globox inhabited by Crack's same species Globoxians, where grass is red and water is Blue. Crack is walking whistling on the street of capital of North Porea, "Remenzis" Crack dreamed about to be protector of Planet Globox. They meet Bluey and became the sidekick.

Crack 2: Hit the Road (1995)Edit

Crack, Doroia and Bluey takes a Trip to the Japantown for the vacation, where after 3 hours Crack and his pals are going back home. Due to the Trip, Matushi He keeps track of where this trail leads Crack's car. Meanwhile at Keith's labolatory, Crack brought the bag of Cherries for his dad for his Prototype test. While Doroia was flying, noticed that someone goes. Crack screaming in the pain actives the metal wall and locks the door. and in addition Keith noticed someone cuts the ceiling, while everyone started to hide. Matushi landed where he cuts the roof. Crack He decided to explain who he is, where he comes from, what he do. 

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Concept and CreationEdit

Crack Doodles

Concept art of Crack's early Redesign during the production of the new Game.

Crack was created by Axel Chan in 1979 who first appearnaced in the comic book The Lost Prop. originally named named as Yotto in 80s and in 1993 Project Latern before Crack was given his name in late 1993 (Which he is not related to drugs). reworked in 1994 Axel characterized the design as derivative of Sonic The Hedgehog, but also was able to Glide and attack. 
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  • Mel Blanc (1979-1988, early Cartoons)
  • Jim Cummings (1989-1996)
  • Lex Lang (1997-2000)
  • Dana Gould (2001-2010)
  • Billy West (Crack: The Animated series, Pilot)
  • Rob Paulsen (Crack: The Animated Series)


  • Shizuka Ishikawa (1994-2010)
  • Shōzō Iizuka (Crack: The Animated Series)



  • 1973 - The adventures of Yotto (Early debut)

Comic BooksEdit

  • 1979 - The Lost Prop (First Appearnace)
  • 1988 - Where is my TV?
  • 1992 - The Dish of Doom

Video GamesEdit

  • 1993 - Project Latern (Reworked Into Crack)
  • 1994 - Crack (Renamed as Crack and protagonist in the series).
  • 1995 - Crack 2: Hit the Road
  • 1996 - Crack Maze
  • 1997 - Crack 3: Vactora's Rage
  • 1998 - Crack Domination, Crack Racing
  • 1999 - Crack: The Ultimate Showtime, Crack Pocket Showtime (Game Boy Color)
  • 2000 - Crack Dingo-Dingo Party
  • 2001 - Crack 4: Enter the Fire
  • 2002 - Crack Advance, The Legacy Of Crack: The beginning of the beginning
  • 2003 - Crack Advance 2, The Legacy of Crack: The Legend
  • 2004 - Crack Advance 3, The Legacy of Crack: Overworld
  • 2005 - Crack Advance 4,  Legacy of Crack: The Dawn of the Sun
  • 2006 - Crack's Classic Trilogy (Crack, Crack 2, Crack 3).
  • 2007 - Legacy of the Crack: The Chronicles of the NitroTown
  • 2008 - The Legacy of Crack: Nuts & Bolts
  • 2009  - Crack Battle Mayhem
  • 2010 - Crack: The Rusty Traveller of the Island


  • 1986 - Wobot Raws Manga: The Summer Menace
  • 1987 - Wobot Raws Manga: Robo-Chibis Attack!
  • 1993 - The Alien Journal Film.

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