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Creepypasta FIGHT! Is a game where characters from creepypastas fight each other, like a creepypasta version of Super Smash Bros. Each character has a health bar, some Final Smashes are Instant Kills like 'Go To Sleep' and 'Pyrostage' etc. The game came out for the Wii U, Playstation Vita, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC (Windows) and Mac OS.

Game ModesEdit

  • Story Mode
  • Practice Mode
  • Demo Mode


Default Characters:Edit

  • Slender Man (Final Smash: Tentacle Unleash)
  • Jeff the Killer (Final Smash: Go To Sleep)
  • BEN (Final Smash: Pyrostage)
  • Suicidal Squidward (Final Smash: Red Mist)
  • Cupcakes Version of Pinkie Pie (Final Smash: TORTURE!)
  • Suicide Mouse (Final Smash: Suicidal Influence)
  • The Rake (Final Smash: Stage Rip)

Unlockable Characters:Edit

  • Jane the Killer (Final Smash: Sleep Well)
  • Randy (Final Smash: Man in Flames)
  • Smile Dog (Final Smash: Mind Control to Spread the Word)
  • Tails Doll (Final Smash: Tails Doll Curse)
  • Sonic.EXE (Final Smash: Omnipotent Kill)
  • Dead Bart (Final Smash: Airplane Siege)
  • Ghost from Pokemon Creepy Black (Final Smash: Curse)
  • Username: 666 (Final Smash: Hand Capture)
  • BoB (Final Smash: Spook off the Stage)
  • Herobrine (Final Smash: Control of a Block God)
  • Scottish Fish (Final Smash: The Red Mist is Coming)