Creepypasta Wars
Developer Mark Ronson
Publisher Mark Ronson
Platform GameCircle Elite
Genre Fighting, indie
Release November 18, 2013
Modes Single player, multi-player
Ratings ESRB: M
Media Digital download
Creepypasta Wars is a 2013 indie game developed for the GameCircle Elite Arcade by Mark Ronson, and released via Apple Entertainment's "Indie Game Maker" program for the GameCircle Elite.


Ronson concieved a fighting game as early as 1998, however he wanted to release it on a console, and never did. He then concieved Creepypasta Wars after reading the creepypasta "Rap Rat", who is the game's  mascot.


The gameplay is similar in terms to several fighting games such as Street Fighter. A player and a player,  a player and CPU or a CPU and a CPU fight to the death. Whoever survives three rounds wins.


All are unlocked by default

  1. Rap Rat
  2. Jeff the Killer
  3. Slenderman
  4. Jane The Killer
  5. The Rake
  6. BEN
  7. Cleverbot
  8. Jadusable
  9. Username: 666
  10. Smile Dog
  11. Tails Doll (with permission from Sega)
  12. "Cupcakes" Pinkie Pie (with permission from Hasbro)
  13. The Ghost from Lavender Town
  14. Suicide Squidward (with permission from Nickelodeon)
  15. Hoody and Masky
  16. Sonic.exe
  17. Eyeless Jack
  18. Brutal Obscene Beast
  19. Zalgo
  20. Black-Eyed Kids

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