Crimson Shards is a music beat game for the XBOX 360, XBOX One and Steam. The game revolves around a rapper who preforms on the street, earning money and doing a life-time career.


Icarus: Icarus is the main proantagonist of the game. He is a 27 year old rapper who earns money by street dancing with a bucket placed next to him where people put money in.

Quazmo: Quazmo is the main antagonist and final boss of the game. He is a alien overlord disguised as a tall priest. He also wields the Crimson Staff, which he breaks and all of the parts is scattered in different places.

Townspeople: These people are the characters you fight with different styles of music: Rap, Rock, Jazz, Classical and Pop.

Bosses: These are special rappers who you fight at the end of each level. Their names are: Crimson Skull (Pop Master) , Jackson N. 'Slam' (Rock Master) , Alien Guy (Jazz Master), Harland (Classical Master) and Quazmo (Rap Master).


Germany/The Beach: The boss of this level is Crimson Skull.

Ireland/The Storm: The boss of this level is Jackson.

England/ Clocktower: The boss of this level is Alien Guy.

Japan/ City Of Light: The boss of this level is Harland.

The UFO/Quazmo's Home: The boss of this level is Quazmo.


Title: One True Game Studios


Crimson Skull Boss Theme: N.E.R.D

N.Slam Boss Theme: Disney

Alien Guy Boss Theme: HAL LAB

Harlan Boss Theme: PopCat

Quazmo Boss Theme: Compile

Credits: Compile

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