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 They're like fire, burning you to the touch, but at the same time, they're infused with dark energy. We can't put the fires out, but maybe we can stop their energy.  

Posa explaining dark flames

Dark flames are obstacles in Golden Blade. They serve as walls to prevent players from escaping the area they are in.

Backstory Edit

After the Avatar wakes up in the Blossom Realm, Corrin decides to take them back through the dimensional rift. However, the dark flames erupt from the ground and burn her. They then surround the Blossom Realm, stopping anyone from accessing the rifts. Posa suggests that the flames serve to stop the Golden Warriors from accessing certain areas, and that if they destroy their energy sources, the flames will go out.

From there on, flames serve as invisible barriers to keep the player from going places they shouldn't. Destroying their energy sources will put out the flames - however, some flames won't go out.

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