Dark Mario is ready to take Luigi`s head off...with a soccer ball?

Dark Mario' is a Nintendo Wii U and 3DS exclusive video game about Mario giving in to madness and his dark-side when his younger brother Luigi finally steals the spotlight and becomes an incredible hero not just once, but seven times, causing Mario to become extremely jealous and angry; especially with everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom going on and on and on over how much more of a hero Luigi has become than his big brother. Not only is Mario now evil and crazy, he kidnaps Princess Peach and Bowser Jr., bombs her and Bowser's castles to ruble and ashes as well as tell Luigi that if he wants to be a real hero, he's going to have to save the princess and an innocent child. And so, with Bowser in the hospital for his horrific injuries and no one else other than Yoshi to accompany and help him on his journey, Luigi finds the courage deep inside to save Princess Peach, Prince Bowser, Koopa Jr., and hopefully his own personal hero and brother Mario.


Here is a list of all the World's and their levels Luigi must journey through to save his friends, family and the entire Mushroom Kingdom.
World's in the Mushroom Kingdom # of levels they each have
Shroom Valley : Boss-Giant Mario Six
Desert World : Boss-Fire Mario Eight
Ice World : Boss-Ice Mario Five
Water City : Boss-Frog Mario Ten
Metal Town : Boss-Metal Mario Seven
Cloud World : Boss-Takooni Mario Six
Rock Mountain : Boss-Hammer Mario Twelve
Haunted Mantion : Boss-Mario with five Power Star's which make him invincible for twenty seconds each. Five
Castle Mario : Mario , just regular Mario Twelve


Luigi gets the same power ups as his brother Super Mario, only difference is that Luigi can obtain and collect as many as he wants of each.

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