Darth Kanaima
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Full Name Unknown
Current Age 13
Date of Birth July 12th, 2017
Gender Male
Species Nephylum
Hometown HKBP Base, United States of America
Class Hero Knight
Main Weapon(s) Plasma Sword (Red-Synth Crystal, Armored Hilt)
M2018-Lightweight LMG (Drum Mag, Bi-Pod, Horizontal Mag)
SMLE-MK20 Sniper Rifle (7.4x Scope, Bi-Pod, Extended Magazine and Removable Sight)
Debut The Walking Dead: Mankind Falls (infant)
War Of Villains (Child)
Current Status(es) Alive
Main Ability/ies Expert Marksmanship and Swordsmanship
Telekinetic Powers
Affiliation(s) Hero Knight Breeding Program
Villain Slayers
Alias(es) 'Clementine's Boy' (by other Hero Knights)
The Apprentice
Darth Kanaima
Relation(s) Unknown Hero Father
Unknown Villan Mother
Clementine Everett (adoptive mother and Master)
James Fairbanks (adoptive father)
Kyle Fairbanks (adoptive brother)
Alex Fairbanks (adoptive uncle)
Portrayed by Oliver Bell

"I bring my Mother's enemies to justice under the HKBP's boot!"

- Kanaima talking to Killua Zoldyck in War Of Villains

Darth Kanaima (real name unknown) is a newly introduced and as-of-yet unseen character within the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe, specifically appearing inside of the Walking Dead Crossover Series in the Ubisoft-Pixar Revised Continuity. As explained within one of the Walking Dead Crossovers, Kanaima is a young boy who was found by Clementine Everett and James Fairbanks during an Attack on an Armada Outpost which held a few minor Villain Knights after the technical end of the War Against the Villain Armada in the Dimension of Earth-TRK160, and that the boy is a Nephylum born from an unholy relationship between a Hero (his Father) and Villain (Mother). He was only 5 months old during the Raid led by the Hero Knight Breeding Program, and despite technically being part of The Villain Armada, the 14-year-old Clementine took the young baby in and took him to the Abandoned Military Outpost where she and her Villain Slayers were hiding and planning to start the HKBP.

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