Darth Stalker
Sith Stalker
Stalker in Terminator Kronos
Full Name Various (Depends on Clementine's Fear)
Current Age Varies
Date of Birth Varies
Gender Male (appearance, may change after destroying Sith Mask)
Species Human
Hometown N/A
Class Villain Apparition
Main Weapon(s) Standard Lightsaber (Red Synth Crystal)
Debut Terminator Kronos
Current Status(es) Dormant (in Clementine's Mind)
Main Ability/ies Various Force Abilities (Grip, Choke, Lightning, Repulse)
Expert Bladework
Affiliation(s) The Villain Armada
Alias(es) 'Clementine's Worst Nightmare' (by John Connor)
Relation(s) Clementine Everett (Psychic Link)
Kyle Reese (Physical Form)
Portrayed by Sam Witwer (Masked)
Bryant Prince (Unmasked)

"Clem... Clementine? You couldn't protect me! The Jedi, they will..."

- Stalker warning Clementine Everett about the War Against the Villain Armada (as Kyle Reese)

Darth Stalker is a character within the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe, and one of the main antagonists appearing within Terminator Kronos, although he does not physically appear properly in the Series only being seen in a Nightmare conjured by Clementine Everett after the events of the War Against the Villain Armada and Ubisoft-Pixar Revised Continuity began. Stalker is established as a Physical Manifestation of Clementine's Fear and her overprotection of her adopted son Kyle Reese after Kyle was almost assaulted by a group of Scavengers, and the Hero Knight struggles with her Fear for the boy's safety, which resulted in a massive Mind Battle between Stalker and Clementine during The War of The Multiverse.

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