Dashiell Parr
Gender Male
Alias Dash
Status Unknown (as of Metroville Knight)
Affiliation New Incredibles (Post-ROS)

Hero Coalition (Pre-ROS)

Relations Robert Parr (father)
Helen Parr (mother)
Violet Parr (sister)
Clementine Everett (love interest)
Weapon AK-12 (with Grenade Launcher, Laser Sight and AR)

Sparrow Bow (with RW1 Scope and Explosive Bolts)

Dashiell Parr, also known as Dash, is a character in the New Incredibles Series and the main protagonist of the Incredibles Video Games. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, two Legendary Heroes from the First Golden Age, and the younger brother to Violet Parr. He is a member of the Hero Coalition, and leader of the New Incredibles Team after the events of Incredibles: Rise of Scarecrow, where he leads the Next Generation of Heroes, the young sons and daughters of former Coalition Members. In this series, Dash is the closest friend and love interest to Clementine Everett.

Appearance Edit

Dash has blonde hair, blue eyes and he is Caucasian. He wears a red Incredibles Suit, exactly like all of his family. After the events of Incredibles: Rise of Scarecrow, Dash has several small scars on his neck, cheek and head due to the injuries he sustained in the Destruction of Incredibles Tower. When using a massive amount of power, Dash's eyes turn from their normal blue color into a dark orange with red pupils, as a result of massive use of his Superpowers and the amount of energy out into it.

During the events of New Incredibles, Dash's appearance has changed significantly. His blonde hair has gotten longer, and goes down to the bottom of his neck, and he has several small scars across his cheek, neck and head after the Battle at Old Incredibles Tower. In the first few missions of New Incredibles, Dash wears a winter coat, gray cargo pants and climbing boots due to the harsh Winter environment in the Mountain Range (where he hunts Armada Hideouts in the hills).

When not on missions with the Hero Coalition and getting back to civilian life, Dash's civilian disguise consists of a red shirt, khaki cargo jeans, and black sneakers.

Trivia Edit

  • Throught the entire Incredibles Series, Dash has been played by 4 different voice actors: Spencer Fox (Incredibles Movie, 2004), Raymond Ochoa (Disney INFINITY-Incredibles: Rise of Scarecrow, 2013-2019), Max Charles (HERO/FALL, 2019) and Ty Simpkins (New Incredibles-New Incredibles: Metroville Knight, 2020-2021). Ty Simpkins is the newest actor to play Dash after Raymond Ochoa departed after Rise of Scarecrow.
  • As of the ending to New Incredibles: Metroville Knight, Dash's status is now unknown. It is highly hinted that he and his family went into hiding after the Fifth Battle of Metroville, went to another State in America and changed their names. Whether or not Dash will be seen again in a possible sequel to Metroville Knight is unknown.

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