The white hunter dash parr by shadow aspect-d6gbfbo
Dash in his Afghanistan Outfit in War Of Heroes: Phantom Shadows
Full Name Dashiell Robert Parr
Current Age 13
Date of Birth March 21st, 2003
Gender Male
Species Mutant/Superhuman
Hometown Metroville, Illinois, USA (originally)
Class Hero Knight
Main Weapon(s) AMR-S4 Assault Rifle
AM-114 Pistol
Debut The Incredibles (2004)
Current Status(es) Alive (Comatose)
Main Ability/ies Superhuman Speed and Dexterity
Affiliation(s) The Hero Coalition
Villain Slayers
Alias(es) Dash
The Phantom
Demon Hero
Relation(s) Robert Parr (father)
Helen Parr (mother)
Violet Parr (sister, deceased)

"Stealth, speed and surprise. That's how you get a Mission done!"

- Dash taunting Skull Face

Dashiell Parr, also known as Dash, is the main protagonist of War Of Heroes: Phantom Shadows, and a tritagonist in the Game's Prequel, War Of Heroes: Omega Protocol. As a Hero Knight and member of the Villain Slayers Team working for The Hero Coalition, Dash is one of the few surviving Heroes after the Omega Protocol Incident, which saw the Destruction of Coalition Base in the Pacific Ocean and the death of Dash's sister, Violet.

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