Death: Blood War
Developer Elite Games
Publisher Apple Entertainment, Inc.
Platform Windows, Mac, GameCircle 6, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Steam
Genre First-person shooter
Release December 2, 2008
Modes Single player, multiplayer, co-op
Ratings ESRB: T
Media Disc, digital download

Death: Blood War is the fifth installment of the Death series.


Going back to World War II, the player mainly encounters Japanese and Nazi units. There are many player-determined choices in the game, a feature not seen again until Death: Spetsnaz II four years later.


Multiplayer returns in Blood War.



  • Team Deathmatch
  • Free-for-all
  • Search and Destroy
  • Domination
  • Headquarters
  • War
  • Ground War
  • Demolition


  • Team Deathmatch
  • Free-for-all
  • Search and Destroy
  • Domination



  • Marine Raiders
  • Red Army
  • England


  • Imperial Japanese Army
  • Wehrmacht

Japanese ZombiesEdit

A new game mode that became very popular amongst Blood War's release, the Japanese Zombies game mode has 4 co-op players defend endless zombie waves. DLC in the game added more Zombies content.

The four Japanese Zombies maps were remastered and included in the Undead map pack for Death: Spetsnaz.


  1. Andeddo Naito (included with the game) ("Undead Night" in Japanese)
  2. Byōin (in Map Pack 1) ("Hospital" in Japanese)
  3. Do~ūmu No Ie (in Map Pack 2) ("House Of Doom" in Japanese)
  4. Zonbi-Ki Mēkā (in Map Pack 3) ("Zombie Machine Manufacturer" in Japanese)


Three DLC packs were released for the game.

  • Map Pack 1
    • Released March 3, 2009
    • 4 new multiplayer maps
    • 1 new zombie map
  • Map Pack 2
    • Released May 8, 2009
    • 4 new multiplayer maps
    • 1 new zombie map
  • Map Pack 3
    • Released August 19, 2009
    • 4 new multiplayer maps
    • 1 new zombie map


In January 2009, an investigation through Games Magazine found hidden sexual references throughout the game. On February 6, 2009, the ESRB began an investigation, and on February 12, 2009, changed the game's rating to M17+. The game was toned down to remove these references, and on April 2, 2009, the game returned to it's T rating.

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