Devestation is the main character of the WarZone series. He is the co-leader of the Triad of Darkness, it's a team started as rebellions. The team formed to fight against the almighty Robotors. Devestation is a great hero to many people. In the first WarZone game, he goes through lots of obstacles before getting to the leader of Robotors, Ultron. They had an all out battle before his Triad members helepd him. They defeated Ultron and brought him to his senses. They deactivated him and would us the metal scraps for the dead Robotors for the Triad Mansion. Currently the Triad of Darkness members hold the deactivated Ultron in a tube in the way way way bottom of their mansion. And with WarZone 2: Another Challenge coming out, Devestation awaits the challenges.

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