This page lists the glitches in Dimension 360.

Level 1Edit

Start stage 1 by getting onto the Viper. When inside the viper, you will access the flying minigame. While in the flying minigame, don't kill any enemies. Sooner, you will find a whole line of Jet Fuel and touching your 100th load brings you into an alpha version of when you enter the Viper. You will end up in the alpha version's Viper lobby. Really, you shouldn't be in this area. But leaving can cause crazy shenanigans. Lets explore!

Getting a partner and then a mounted alien will swap your character's palates with the alien.

If your partner finds an oil keg, they will turn into one!

Falling down the pit of death instantly kills you. But on the level start, you can go out of bounds and even get into a deleted level! This level is actually a boss fight the whole way through all you have to do in the fight is run away from a giant monster so it hits the un-destroyable wall! Oh yeah!

Stage 2 is a fall down the pit of death! When you fall down the pit, you might notice an unreachable oil can. But if you crouch under the bridge on the end of stage one, the partner remover and the alien remover on this level wont be there. Then you will be able to access the glitch! Remember, this glitch wont work without the flying alien. While the black bars rise up at the end of the cutscene, use the flying alien's special trick and you will be at the end of the level. Theres a way to get up the hole where the oil can is. This wont work if you don't have the moon jump glitch. You will soon be able to get the can. Obviously this can is only for show but touching it crashes the game.

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