Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears (Video Game)
Disney's Gummi Bears Box Art 1
Box Art (Bandai Revolution)
Developer Disney Interactive
Publisher Capcom
Platform Bandai Revolution
Bandai Chaos
Bandai PocketTurbo
Genre Platform
Modes 2 Players
Ratings K-A for Kids to Adults

Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears is a platform game based on the Disney Afternoon series of the same name developed by Disney Interactive and published by Capcom for the Bandai Revolution, Bandai Chaos and Bandai PocketTurbo.

The Bandai Chaos and PocketTurbo versions only last for 6 levels, while the Bandai Revolution version has 8 levels and have different layouts.


The evil Duke Sigmund Igthorn has kidnapped both King Gregor and Princess Calla in order to rule Dunwyn, and it's up to the Gummi Bears to stop him and save the king and the princess.


You have a choice of 4 Gummi Bears you can play as, Zummi Gummi, Gruffi Gummi, Tummi Gummi and Cubbi Gummi. All 4 Gummi Bears can bounce high to jump up hard to reach areas, and they have their own special abilities which are limited but are helpful in order to kill enemies on screen or reveal secret areas that are only found in dead ends. Each Gummi Bear also have their own weapons:

  • Zummi Gummi can use magic spells from his book he caries with him.
  • Gruffi Gummi can throw arrows to damage enemies and bosses.
  • Tummi Gummi can do a belly bounce which will kill most enemies and inflict more damage on boss battles.
  • Cubbi Gummi uses his sword to attack enemies.

The only 2 items in this game are GummiBerries which will make you both invincible and jump infinitely for a short time, and a Gummi Bear symbol hich has no purpose but giving you a high score.

Box ArtEdit

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