Donkey Kong Country: Krok Takeover is a fan-made third installment in the modern Donkey Kong Country series made by AdamGregory03 (talk).

The game is released exclusively for the Wii U.


The opening cutscene starts with a band of Kremlings mining beneath the Kremling Kountry. One Kremling notices something shining through where he cracked the rock, as other Kremlings join in and look upon what he found in awe. It then cuts to King K. Rool sitting on his throne and eating a large turkey leg, when a Kritter comes up to him and informs him of what they found. Delighted, K. Rool tosses his turkey leg aside and rushes into the mines with complete excitement. His mining crew had found the legendary Crown of Sobek, which is said to give the current Kremling King, namely K. Rool, unimaginable powers. K. Rool puts on the crown without hesitation, and feels the power surging through his body.

Meanwhile, on Donkey Kong Island, the Kongs are taking the day lightly, with Donkey Kong resting in a hammock, Diddy playing a 3DS, Cranky reading a newspaper, and Funky waxing the barrel plane with Dixie's help. Cranky then puts down the paper and notices something in the distance, then takes out telescope. Cranky is shocked to see K. Rool's army and alarms the other Kongs, who immediately get ready to fight. However, it's not long before K. Rool uses the power of the Crown of Sobek to teleport the Kongs away to Kremling Kountry, where he orders his in commands to keep them from escaping the island, and builds a new golden palace in his image on top of the volcano.


The gameplay is practically identical to the gameplay of Returns and Tropical Freeze, with some additional changes. For example, the ability to blow and pluck items from the ground is replaced with a new ability, though it is not confirmed what it is then.

With the confirmation of Funky Kong being playable, it is confirmed there are two different types of multiplayer modes, one where both players play as a "Mount Character" (Donkey Kong or Funky Kong), and one where one player plays as a Mount Character and the other plays as a "Piggyback Character" (Diddy, Dixie, or Cranky).

The level types are as follows:

  • #-#: These levels are standard levels. They have checkpoints, and the KONG letters and puzzle pieces as collectables.
  • #-A/#-B: These are secret levels that can be found in regular levels by entering the secret exit. They play out the same as regular levels.
  • #-Boss: The boss levels.
  • #-K: These levels are unlocked in a world after collecting the KONG letters in the previous levels in each world. They have no checkpoints and only puzzle pieces for collectibles, and are VERY challenging. Completing each one unlocks a surprise!


Playable CharactersEdit

Character Description of Abilities
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong is the heaviest character in the game.
Donkey Kong
Funky Kong - Tropical Freeze TBA...
Funky Kong
Diddy Kong He can use his jet barrel to hover for a few seconds. While underwater, he can use his jet barrel to gain a sudden burst of speed.
Diddy Kong
DixieKong She can use her ponytail to gain extra propulsion when in the air. While underwater, her hair can be used as a motor to swim through water faster, at the drawback of being somewhat difficult to control.
Dixie Kong
CrankyDKJUNGLE He can use his cane to bounce and reach a greater jumping height while midair.
Cranky Kong

Supporting CharactersEdit

Character Description
Candy-DKJC She runs a shop in each world, known as Candy's Corner. She sells various items in exchange for Banana Coins.
Candy Kong
Enguarde DKBB Enguarde is a rideable animal buddy who appears in levels that mostly take place underwater. While riding Enguarde, he can bash through enemies, move easier and quicker underwater, and the air meter depletes slower while riding him.
Rambi DKCR Rambi is a rideable animal buddy who appears in a few levels. He is invulnerable to enemies and can take them out in one hit just by jumping on them or ramming into them. Rambi will be lost if he is hit by elemental damage, such as fire.
Squawks - Donkey Kong Country Returns He can be purchased in Candy's Corner. When selected from inventory, he will appear in the level and squawk loudly when near an uncollected puzzle piece.


See Donkey Kong Country: Krok Takeover/Enemies.


Worlds & LevelsEdit

World Theme Levels in this World World Boss
Kremling Kountry
World 1:
Crocodile Wetlands
Swamp 1-1: Mucky Marshlands
1-2: Swampy Stomping
1-3: Crocodile Carts
1-4: Evening Everglades
1-5: Vine Valley
1-Boss: Kludge Krashers
Find hidden exit in Vine Valley
Find hidden exit in Crocodile Carts
1-K: Perilous Platforms
World 2:
Saguaro Sands
Desert 2-1: Open Oasis
2-2: Dangerous Desert
2-3: Scorching Sands
2-4: Hieroglyphic Hijinks
2-5: Crazy Caverns
2-Boss: Serpent's Corner
Find hidden exit in Sandy Caverns
Find hidden exit in Death Kongs
2-K: Sandy Sliding
World 3:
Snowy Seclusion
Snow TBA... Kritter
World 4:
Banana Beaches
Beach TBA... Congazuma

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