Donkey Kong Racing
English logo
Developer Nintendo EAD
Retro Studios
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Nintendo Wii U
Genre Racing
Release December 9, 2012
Modes 1-4
Ratings E for Everyone
Media Disc

Donkey Kong Racing is a Nintendo Wii U game and the sequel to the Nintendo 64 hit game Diddy Kong Racing. Though the original game was cancelled for the Nintendo GameCube when Rare was sold to Microsoft, it was then stored on a memory disc, which was found by Retro Studios.

The game is being totally redone by Retro Studios, Nintendo EAD and Sora. New courses, a new story, new characters and new graphics have been started upon.


The gameplay of the game is just like the Mario Kart series, as eight racers must race their way through various wacky courses all trying to win the cups. Like in the original trailer, characters must ride Animal Buddies through various tracks, to outrank all the others. The animal buddies depend on what the racer's class is.


There are a total of 20 characters that can be played as, and judging by their class, they will ride different animals. However, in water-themed maps, all characters ride Enguarde. "Power" characters ride Rambi, "All-Around" characters ride Zingers, "Skill" characters ride Army and "Speed" characters ride Expresso.

The unlockable characters are Tiki Tong, Kudge, Kip, Mario, Kalypso, Pauline, Tutorial Pig and T.T..


  • This is the first game Sora has created for the Wii U.
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