#000 000MS Drampa
ジジーロン Jijīron
Placid Pokémon
 Normal      Dragon 
Abilities Berserk or Sap Sipper
Pokédex Colour Gray
Egg Groups Unknown Egg Group

Drampa (Japanese: ジジーロン Jijīron) is a dual-type  Normal  /  Dragon  Pokémon.

Biology Edit

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 Drampa are dragons that live alone in the mountains 10,000 feet above sea level. Since they can’t obtain the Berries they feed on at that range, they descend to the base of the mountains at dawn every day. Drampa love communicating with people and Pokémon. Drampa are especially gentle with children and often appear at schools and parks where children gather. While Drampa is usually a very gentle Pokémon, it can fly into a rage if a child it cares for is hurt in some way. The Dragon Breath move that it fires off at such times is powerful enough to blow down buildings! Drampa can have the Berserk Ability, an Ability that no other Pokémon has ever had. With the Berserk Ability, this Pokémon’s Sp. Atk will go up by 1 when its HP drops below half.  

Drampa is a serpentine Pokémon similar to a Chinese dragon. Most of its skin is light blue, but the lower half of its face and underside of its neck are a pale green. There are three spots on each of its sides that are also light green. It has pink eyes with rounded, yellow eyebrows, a short mustache, and a small, white beard with a circular extension. On top of its head is a mop of white hair split into four rounded sections: two draped down either side of its head. Fluffy white fur drapes the lower half of its body and conceals its arms when they are tucked against its chest. When its arms are spread, two short claws are revealed on each hand. It has a bushy white tail and a small, curved spike on its back.

This dragon Pokémon lives alone in the mountain 10,000 feet above sea level. The Berries it feeds on do not grow at this altitude, so it descends to the base of mountain daily at dawn. It loves communicating with people and Pokémon, and is especially gentle with children. It will often appear in areas where children gather. Despite its gentle nature, it becomes enraged if a child it cares for is hurt. It is capable of firing attacks powerful enough to knock down buildings.

Evolution Edit

Canon Edit

in generation VII
 Normal   Dragon 

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