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This page refers to the species as a whole. For notable Drifloon, see Category:Drifloon.

#425 425MS Drifloon
フワンテ Fuwante
Balloon Pokémon
 Ghost      Flying 
Abilities Aftermath or Unburden,
Flare Boost (Hidden Ability)
Pokédex Colour Purple
Egg Groups Amorphous Egg Group

Drifloon (Japanese: フワンテ Fuwante) is a dual-type  Ghost  /  Flying  Pokémon.

It evolves into Drifblim starting at level 28.


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Drifloon has a spherical, purple body with two stringy arms that have yellow, heart-shaped hands on the ends of them. At the base of its body is a frayed protrusion that resembles the tied end of a balloon. In the very center of its body is a yellow tape-like "X", which contains its small mouth in the very center. Located on either side of the "X" are its small, black eyes. A white mass of fluff that resembles a cloud sits on top of Drifloon's head.

Due to its aimless drifting, this species is known as "Signpost for Wandering Spirits". It has been known to steal children that mistake it for a regular balloon. However, due to its light weight, it can be resisted easily and is often pulled around. Although created by lost spirits of Pokémon and people, as seen in the anime, it can be friendly and helpful. It prefers to reside in damp, humid locations and can expand or shrink to express its feelings.


Canon Edit

in generation VII
PKMN bag icon - Rare Candy
Level 28
 Ghost   Flying 
 Ghost   Flying 

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