Earth Destroyer Flagship
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Greater Location The Multiverse, Earth-616
Capital N/A
Current Ruler Supreme Leader Snoke
Population 169,000 Armada Soldiers
12,000 ARX-160 Fighters
7000 XS1 Goliath MECHs
Environment Space-capable Ship
First Appearance Incredibles: Multiverse Origins
Latest Appearance War Of Heroes: Prelude to Global Warfare

"Those Data Tapes contain Schematics for the Armada's Weapon, the Earth Destroyer!"

- Selena Cooper describing the Earth Destroyer

The Earth Destroyer Flagship (EDF-1 Platform), also known as Flagship-1 for the First Armada Flagship, is a Flagship commanded by The Villain Armada during the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe and is the Main Ship of the Armada Spacefleet during the War Against the Villain Armada. It had a Superlaser System which could flatten an entire City in minutes, and this made it the main Target for The Hero Coalition during the events of War Of Heroes: Prelude to Global Warfare as a Team known as the Villain Slayers led by Clementine Everett and Jackson Pearce, and was commanded by the Ultimate Villain Lord Ozone and the mysterious and shrouded Supreme Leader Snoke, with the ED-Flagship also being guarded by Director Krennic.

It is known to have been destroyed during the events of Incredibles: Multiverse Origins by Dashiell 'Dash' Parr and Clementine during the Final Battle of Earth-616, after an intense Battle in Space and then ED-Flagship crashed into Earth-616's Surface and was destroyed in a gigantic explosion, and the Debris were all that was left. After the Destruction of The Villain Armada on Earth-616, the Earth Destroyer was replaced by a new Armada Flagship known as The Ravager during the Great Invasion of Earth-135 and Second Coalition-Armada Conflict.

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