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Full Name Edwin Jenner
Current Age Late 30's-Early 40's
Date of Birth Mid-Late 1970s
Gender Male
Species Human
Hometown Atlanta Ruins, Georgia, USA
Class Scientist
Main Weapon(s) L-CAR9 Machine Pistol
Debut The Walking Dead: Season 1 (TV Series)
Current Status(es) Dead (Walking Dead)
Unknown (ROTD)
Main Ability/ies Extreme Intelligence
Affiliation(s) Center for Disease Control
Alias(es) Nexus Target
Relation(s) Candace Jenner (wife)

"Jenner was at the CDC during the Walker Invasion. Rick Grimes and his Deadkiller Squad were sent to investigate... But when they were inside, the Building exploded and Jenner was presumed dead, along with Grimes and his Deadkiller Squadron."

- Kyle Reese talking about Jenner in War Of Heroes: Rise of The Dead

Doctor Edwin Jenner is a confirmed character in the upcoming Ubisoft-Pixar Game, War Of Heroes: Rise of The Dead, returning from The Walking Dead TV Series, Season 1. In both TWD Series and ROTD, Jenner is a Scientist working at the Center for Disease Control in the Atlanta Ruins during the War Against the Villain Armada, and in War Of Heroes he attempts to find a Cure for the Walker Outbreak and stop the Armada from using the Walkers to invade other Realities in The Multiverse.

Despite his massive role off-screen, he is only seen twice in the Trailer: He is first seen battered and bleeding in the CDC Building, as Rick Grimes aims a 447. Magnum at Jenner with a look of distrust and hate on his face. He is then seen for a few more seconds later in the Trailer, being grabbed by Kyle Reese and pushed against a wall.

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