Epic Stick Fight is an online 2D fighting game parodied from the famous videogame franchise Mortal Kombat, with a very similar gameplay, but all the characters are stickmen.


In a two player gameplay:

Player 1:

A and D - Move

W - Jump

S - Block

J - Punch

K - Kick

L - Grapple

I - Show/hide weapon

Player 2:

Left and right arrow - Move

Up arrow - Jump

Down arrow - Block

4 - Punch

5 - Kick

6 - Grapple

8 - Show/hide weapon

On a single player gameplay, you can choose one of those.

Special movesEdit

Special moves are performed by combination(e.g. Block, front, punch). Each character have four special moves.

X-ray moves can be performed by pressing the punch and kick buttons at the same time when the power bar is full. You can full it by hitting or blocking attacks.

Finishing movesEdit

There are 5 kind of finishing moves.

Fatalities can be performed by combinations(e.g. Behind, block, front, kick). Each character have two fatalities without weapon and one with it.

Brutalities are harder than fatalities, as they need longer combinations(e.g. Block, block, behind, front, jump, punch).

Animalities are even harder than brutalities, with even longer combinations(e.g. Behind, front, block, jump, behind, front, kick). The user always transforms into an animal bedore killing the opponent. It is the same with and without weapon.

Mercies are harder than fatalities, but easier than brutalities(e.g. Front, behind, front, behind, punch). Different than most finishing moves, it doesn't kill the opponent. It can't be performed with weapon.

Stage fatalities are made with different combination in each stage. They are easy as basic fatalities.

If you take too much time, the opponent simply falls on the ground.



El Ligre


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