El Ligre is a playable character in this game. He is parodied from the wrestling legend Jushin "Thunder" Liger.

Home stage - Wrestling ring

Weapon - Steel chair

Animal - Liger


Basic movesEdit

Punches - A hook, followed by a spinning backhand chop and a haymaker.

Kicks - A side kick, followed by a knee strike and a legsweep.

Grapple - A tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown.

Special movesEdit

Jump, front, kick - A powerful dropkick.

Block, behind, punch - A powerful palm thrust.

Block, front, kick - A front flip followed by a powerful kick.

Jump, front, kick - A kick to the gut followed by a sitout powerbomb.

Finishing movesEdit

Fatality 1 - Jump, block, front, kick - Ligre strikes a kick to the fut of the opponent and follows it with a sheerdrop brainbuster, exploding the opponent's head in impact.

Fatality 2 - Front, block, behind, grapple - Ligre throws the opponent upward with a frankensteiner and, before it can land on the ground, Ligre jumps high and smashes its head on the fround with a piledriver.

Brutality - Front, block, behind, block, front, kick - A five kick combo, followed by three german suplexes and a surfboard, mutilating the opponent.

Animality - Jump, block, behind, front, jump, front, grapple - Ligre jumps onto the opponent and devours it.

Mercy - Block, jump, behind, front, kick - Ligre grounds the opponent with a roundhouse kick and finishes with a shooting star press.

Weapon movesEdit

Basic movesEdit

Hits - A strike to the gut, then to the face and to the back of the head.

Grapple - A spinning roundhouse kick through the chair to the face of the opponent.

Finishing movesEdit

Fatality - Ligre grounds the opponent with a strike to the head, then, arms the chair on its head and smashes it.

Brutality - Ligre ground the opponent with six fast strikes and smashes its head with a strong strike to the head.

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