Skorpio is a playable character in this game. He is a parody of the Mortal Kombat character Scorpion.

Home stage - The Pit

Weapon - Short sword

Animal - Giant scorpion


Basic movesEdit

Punches - A face punch followed by a gut punch and an uppercut, sending the opponent upward.

Kicks - A knee strike, followed by a gut kick and a spinning roundhouse.

Grapple - A throw to the air, followed by a shot with a kunai spear, smashing the opponent into the ground.

Special movesEdit

Block, front, grapple - A shot with a kunai spear, bringing the opponent near, followed by an uppercut, sendingmthe opponent upward.

Block, front, kick - A backflip kick with a the foot on fire, sending the opponent upward.

Jump, block, punch - A teleport to the front of the opponent, followed by a powerful uppercut, seding the opponent upward.

Behind, front, punch - A fireball sent from the hand, setting fire to the opponent and making it lose life for some seconds.

X-ray - A teleport to the back of the opponent, smashing its back wtih the elbow. Then, a teleport to its front, smashing its legs with a slide kick. Finished by smashing its skull with an uppercut, sending it upward.

Finishing movesEdit

Fatality 1 - Behind, block, front, grapple - Skorpio takes off its mask, revealing a flaming skull. then, it spits fire, burning the opponent to death.

Fatality 2 - Block, block, front, grapple - Skorpio shots with a kunai spear. Then, opens two nether gates, one behind and one above them. Then it throws the opponent to the one behind them, making it fall from the one above, being hanged to death.

Brutality - Jump, block, behind, behind, front, punch - Skorpio hits a 10 punch combo with its fists on fire and follows it with a powerful uppercut, removing its head.

Animality - Jump, block, jump, block, behind, front, grapple - Skorpio stings the opponent's chest and removes it from its body.

Mercy - Block, behind, front, front, grapple - Skorpio hits an uppercut to the opponent, follows it with a kick and e nds with his foot on the downed opponent.

Weapon movesetEdit

Basic movesEdit

Hits - Two diagonal slices, followed by a downward smash.

Grapple - A stab to the gut, followed by an upward kick, sending the opponent upward.

Finishing movesEdit

Fatality - Front, block, behind, punch - The user cuts one of the opponent's arms, and then the head. It finishes by kicks the body to the ground.

Brutality - Front, block, behind, block, front, punch - The user hits five diagonal slashes and finishes by cutting the opponent in half.

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