Ethan Reese
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Full Name Ethan Killua Reese
Current Age 12
Date of Birth July 17th, 2017
Gender Male
Species Human-Hero Knight Mixblood
Hometown Hero Knight Island, Atlantic Ocean (Post-2027)
Class Human Assassin
Main Weapon(s) Bow And Arrow (Wooden Make)
Homebrew Club (Sled Rock, Fire Ignition)
Poison Darts
Debut War Of Heroes: Multiverse's Edge II
Current Status(es) Alive
Main Ability/ies Expert Marksmanship, Melee Combat and Stealth Skills
Remarkable Intelligence
Potential Zoldyck Powers
Affiliation(s) United Dimensions Coalition
Human Island Resistance
Alias(es) The Hunter
Son of Reese and Zoldyck
The Mixblood
Relation(s) Killua Zoldyck (father)
Laura Reese (mother, deceased)
Cait Everett (partner and love interest)
Kyle Reese (uncle)
Silva Zoldyck (paternal grandfather)
Illumi Zoldyck (paternal uncle)
Dennis Reese (maternal grandfather)
Mary Reese (maternal grandmother)
Portrayed by Seth Jones

"We're a small Human Group... 12 Males, 8 Females and now you and me!"

- Ethan talking to Cait Everett on Hero Knight Island

Ethan Reese is a newly announced and as-of-yet unseen character in the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe, existing purely within the latest version of this Universe: The Ubisoft-Pixar Revised Continuity. First appearing in the upcoming War Of Heroes: Multiverse's Edge II, Ethan is the son of 2 Hero Knights named Killua Zoldyck and Laura Reese, his father being a Gray Hero and mother being a Human Hero Knight who served The Hero Coalition during the cataclysmic War Against the Villain Armada, and in 2021 (only 4 years after Ethan was born) the Human-Hero Knight War began between the United Dimensions Coalition and Hero Knight Breeding Program. During the mid-stages of the cataclysmic Conflict which ravaged The Multiverse, the Hero Knights attacked a Coalition Nuclear Facility and after a destructive Battle fired dozens of Nuclear Missiles at the UDC Bases.

After Killua had betrayed the UDC to serve Clementine Everett, a 10-year-old Ethan was onboard a Coalition Airship with his mother in the Metroville Airport as the Nukes approached the UDC. He was then placed on board a Coalition Transport alongside dozens of other Human Children with 20 Males and 21 Females (in equal numbers counting Ethan) and later escaped the Nuclear Blast which destroyed Earth-645 but damaged the Transport the Children were onboard, and the Coalition Transport then crashed on an Uncharted Island in the Atlantic Ocean. Over 1 entire year, the 40 Children on the Island reasonably prospered while also making a Faction of their own: The Human Island Resistance. However, the War still continued over in the United States of America and eventually the Hero Knight Breeding Program (led by Clementine's son, Kyle Fairbanks) invaded the Uncharted Island and after a major Battle took the Island from Ethan and his Human Followers, leaving only 12 Males and 8 Females in his Human Group.

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