The Explorer is the Soldier class of the Players. He/she was tired of the bow and arrow and wanted more advanced weapons from the command block and got the Land Busters. The land busters are 2 revolvers that fires rapidly. He/she also got diffrence abbilities that all ends whit Strike.

Abbilities Edit

RB, R1, 1: Firework Strike: Throw a burning grass on the floor and then 6 fireworks lands on the ground and explodes

Y, Triangle, 2: Leap Strike: Do a Gigant leap and shoot on the ground below!

LB, R2, 3: Block Shot: Shoot 2 Diamond Blocks that vanquishes anything if it is a Critical Hit!

Description Edit

This Guy/Girlis SUPER tired of the Bow And Arrow Strategy! He/she got 2 Guns that he/she call the Land Busters!!

Character Variants Edit

Name Health Weapon Variant Ammo Fire Speed Alfa Unlockable
Explorer 125 Land Busters Normal 40 Rapid Possitive
Nether Explorer 125 Netherack busters Fire Variant 45 Rapid Negative
Ice Spike Explorer 125 Ice Spiker Ice Variant 35 Rapid Negative
Djungle Explorer 125 Toxic Leaf Toxic Variant 10 Slow Possitive
Electro Explorer 125 Electric Shot Electric Variant 50 Rapid Negative
Ocean Explorer 100 Guardian Buster Water Variant 10 Slow Negative
Space Troop 125 Laser Gun Refrence Variant 40 Rapid Possitive
Iron Explorer 200 Iron Buster Armored 14 Slow Negative
Camo Ranger 100 Camo Suprise Sniper 12 Slow Negative

Trivia Edit

  • If you go on a rampage (shoot rapidly) explorer is starting to Scream louder and louder.
  • The Explorers Abbilities is a refrence to Kernel Corn from PVZGW2
  • The Space troop is a refrence to star wars.

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