Fanon Fighters is an upcoming fighting game scheduled to be released on December 18, 2013. It was developed by IAmBagel, DerpyPanda24, and Web. It has a different feel than most video games because the characters are in 2D while everything else is in 3D. Most Nickelodeon Fanonverse fans say it has a Super Smash Bros. feel as it has similar game play.


An Army from another dimension, known as Tri-destruction assembles a team of Fanonverse villains (King Jerk, Rick, Mimic, Rack, Net, LT Fan, Muffins, Dr. Boom, The Troll King, Proffessor Carrotstein, and Luthor) to destroy the Fanonverse as well as its heros with explosive devices. As always, The Fanonverse Heros try to save their world. Meanwhile, some of the villains realize that if their world gets destroyed, they won't have anywhere to live. King Jerk, Rick, Mimic, LT Fan, and Muffins team up with the Heros,Deafeat Luthor, Dr. Boom, and the troll king,and save the Fanonverse.


The game has thirty-four playable characters excluding DLCs and console exclusives.

Starters Edit


Name Origin
Bagel  The Bagel Show 
Ross    The Adventures of Ross the Panda
Rob    The Invader Rob Show
MattBoo  The MattBoo Show
John/Oblivion  Bandit Territory
Erin  The ACS
Nicky  Nicky
Wario  The ACS
Y-Guy  Y-Guy
Chrome   The Bagel Show
Homestar   The Homestar Runner and Pac-man 64 Show
Mango      Y-Guy
Web  SSK Adventures
King Jerk   The Bagel Show
Rick   The Adventures of Ross the Panda


Name Origin
Mimic Bandit Territory (enter cheat code NONAF KCIN)
Nick (Win 50 online matches) A Show About Nick
Rack Y-Guy (Unlock Y-Guys Alternate Costume)
Net The ACS (Like The Game On Facebook) (Just Because his name is Net)
LT Fan SSK Adventures (Unlock all villains)
JJam The ACS (Beat Duo mode with a combo of John, Web, Erin, or bagel and a villain)
SSK SSK Adventures (Kill 20 oompah Loompas in Duo Mode)
Bob The Bob Boogleface Show (Enter Code: Jjamisanadminbutistehlestactive1)
Derp CircleCity (Beat All star Mode)
Brandon Nicky (Beat The Dr.Boom Boss)
Perry The Adventures of Ross the Panda (Unleash Ross' Splat Attack 50 times)
Animus NickFanime (Enter Cheat Code: FeatArtic4SumUdderMont)
Bobo and Rock The Rejects (Beat 5 bosses)
Sheila Mysteries (Unlock All IAmBagel Characters)
Catnip The Epic Animals (Play for 100 hours)
Muffins The Epic Animals (unlock all stages)
Mittens CopKittens (beat single player story mode)
Mr. Clockney Why Do You Ask, Mr Clockney? (Unlock all assist trophies)
? ?

Console ExclusivesEdit

Name Origin
Cool Dude Y-Guy (PS4 only)
Bingo Life (in space) Sucks (Wii U only)
Random Sir The Bagel Show (Xbox One only)
King Stellios SSK Adventures (Wii U)
DR.Boom Nicky (Xbox One)
Kyle Kyle In The Fanonverse (PS4)

Time release charactersEdit

Name Origin
Krazy DDIS (Time Release: December 25th 2013)
Coin-Dude Coin-Dude (Time Release: May 15th 2014)

DLC charactersEdit

Name Origin
Rodger The Future is Stupid (DLC 1)
Hearty Y-Guy (DLC 1)
Victor The Adventures Of Ross The Panda (DLC 2)
Tilman Code MPC (DLC 2)
The Ultimate Entity Nickelodeon Fanonverse: Corrupted World (DLC 3)
Captain O'Avraf The Wario Show (DLC 3)
Collector The ACS (DlC 4)
Dave Stickventures (DLC 4)
Diane The Epic Animals (DLC 5)
Hunter The Price Of Life (DLC 5)
Wombo The Rejects (Free DLC)



Each character has a stage. There is also an arena stage and a final boss stage.

Stage Name Show Of Origin Description
Craziville Middle School Y-Guy School Has Never Been Violent... Until Now
Rick's Cellar The Adventures Of Ross The Panda Battle It Out In A Rat Infested Home!
Arena Fanon Fighters Duke It Out Boxing Style!
The University Of Gigaquack The Rejects Battle Through A School Full of Drama, gossip, eh you get it.
Fort Pooda The ACS TBA
SSKs Castle SSK Adventures TBA


Adventure Mode: The regular Story mode of the game

All-Star Mode

2V2 Mode

Arcade mode

Duo Mode

Heist Mode                          


  • This game marks one of the only two times that Erin,Krazy, and Web appear in non-sprite form. The other being Kyle In The Fanonverse
  • When the game was announced the only confirmed characters were Ross, Erin, John, Bagel, Y-Guy, Mango, Rack, Perry, Net, Web, Mattboo, Perry, Catnip, and Shelia.
  • The game was originally in development for the Nintendo GameCube as a new video game based franchise starring new characters. This game later became Fanon Fighters.

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