Fated Legends-Logo
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Platform Playstation 4, Xbox ONE, PS Vita
Genre RPG, Fighting, Action, Adventure
Series Fated Legends
Successor TBA
 Fated Legends (Japanese:運命の伝説, Unmei no densetsu), is the first installment in the Fated Legends series. The game serves as a complete crossover bewteen multiple Anime and Video Games.


The gameplay rather plays like the games, Mortal Kombat X and Injustice. The game details characters in a 3D manner, yet they are shown in the style of 2.5D. The gameplay mechanics also include cutscenes that are played in the manner of Super Smash Bros. Brawl'Subspace Emissery, with the conclusion of voices being included.

Game ModesEdit


Arcade ModeEdit

Arcade Mode is a simple continous mode that pits the player against a random CPU, which the player has to defeat. If the CPU is defeated, the process will repeat to another CPU until the player defeats all the playable characters. It is also known the characters will be fought based on their tier ranking, making the concept become easier to harder.

Versus ModeEdit

Versus Mode is quite the simple mode which allows the player to choose their own opponent, opponent's difficulty and the stage they fight on. This allows the player to fight against who they want to fight against, giving them a free choice of which character to fight, use, etc.

Story ModeEdit

Story Mode is a fun, entertaining mode where the player goes through the story of the game, serving as a intresting mode where the unexpected may suddenly turn towards you, changing what you might have most likely expected.

For a more in-depth article, click here:Fated Legends/Story Mode


Each character has their own unique design and moveset, giving the player quite the vairety to choose from. It is confirmed that there will be __ characters, with __ being unlocked at the beginning while __ have to be unlocked through Story Mode.



Arenas are locations in which players fight on. Each arena has their own platforming and unique features to be interacted with. This proves to give each new level a whole new experience, being able to learn what each arena has at it's disposal.


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