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Five Nights at Nintendo's is a horror game based on Five Nights at Freddy's.


A security guard is your Mii (Chose any one of them). You must survive for 5 nights but there was the hit of 06 and the characters are only allowed to roam at Night.

Characters and their abilitiesEdit

Link: He is the first one to walk. He first go to the back room. Then the dining table. He layers take the west route similar to Bonnie did. He is active in Night One and have the ability to creep you out by putting on masks.

Kirby: He is the second to bite in. He takes the dining table and take the east route like Chica and have the ability to make winds to make you freak out.

Pikachu: He is active and Night 2 but sings in the first night. He is given the ability to run.

Mario: He is the main boss himself. He have 2 jumpscares. One is that when the power goes out and the second is when he shows up in your office while it's still on. He plays the Super Mario Bros theme when the power goes out.

Mr. Game & Watch: He does what Golden Freddy does. If he is in your office, he crashes your game.


You close your doors in order for you to stay save. You must be careful because if you lost power, you are screw.


  • Mario having two jumpscares is similar to Freddy. Also both characters being mascot.
  • It is unknown why Mii keeps coming back. Since he never dies, he over looks the danger.
  • This is the first game Nintendo made where you played first person without changing it to third person.
  • This is release on Wii U, mobile devices, Macs and PCs.
  • For unknown reasons, Sakurai (The creator of the Super Smash Bros series) is the Phone Guy.

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