Five Nights at SMJ Studios is a Five Nights at Freddy's fan game based on the Slimey & SMJ4 series.



The leader of the SMJ Studios and the main antagonist of the game. He behaves like Freddy Fazbear.


Slimey behaves similarly like Bonnie.


Justine behaves similarly like Chica.

Daughter HydeEdit

Daughter Hyde behaves similarly like Foxy. She will attempt to jumpscare the protagonist if she is not watched on camera after a long period of time.


SMJ4.blend1 behaves like Golden Freddy. He is an Easter Egg appearing on either Nights 2 or 3.


  • Studio A
  • Studio B
  • Break Room
  • Animation Test Room
  • Kitchen
  • Restrooms
  • Studio Entrance
  • West Hall
  • East Hall
  • West Hall Corner
  • East Hall Corner

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