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Flappy Bird: Windows Phone Edition
Flappy Bird logo
Developer Dong Nguyen
Publisher .GEARS Studio
Platform Windows Phone
Genre Arcade
Release WW 20140409April 9, 2014
Modes Single-player, multiplayer
Media Digital download
Series Flappy Bird
Predecessor Flappy Bird
Flappy Bird: Windows Phone Edition is a mobile game developed by Dong Nguyen and published by .GEARS Studio. It was released in 2014.


Just like its predecessor Flappy Bird, the gameplay is easy. Faby is flying. To make him fly upwards, tap the screen. Then, the obstacles will come. The only obstacles in Flappy Bird and Flappy Bird: Windows Phone Edition are pipes. If the bird hits a pipe or the ground, you lose.


  • Faby - he is the main character in the series.
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