Flower Cup is one of the 4 Nitro cups that appear in Mario Kart Dimensions. There are four courses that appear in the Flower Cup. It is the second-easiest nitro cup.

Pipe SewersEdit

Pipe Sewers is the first course in the Flower Cup, and therefore the easiest. Pipe Sewers takes place in the sewers of Toad Town and has three laps. The course starts in the middle of Toad Town, where the racers have to maneuver around various obstacles including the Toad Houses and Goombas. The course starts with a straight turn, then a large left turn into a big hole that leads underground into a pipe. The racers then drive in a watery area where many Piranha Plants, Ptooies and Inky Piranha Plants inhabit. After three quick left-right turns and a pipe cannon that shoots straight upward and into another part of Toad Town where a few Chargin' Chucks are. After a few more right turns, the racers return to the finish line.


Cheep Cheep RiverEdit

Cheep Cheep River is the second course in the Flower Cup, and has three laps. The course starts in a cave that is placed behind a waterfall. After going straight, turning left, avoiding Swoopers, turning left and going out of a waterfall, the racers leave the cave and enter a forested area with a river. Driving in the river will have Cheep-Cheeps and Cheep-Chomps, while out of the river has a few Monty Moles, Goombes and Goombas. After going down the twisted river (left-left-right-left-right-right-left-right-left) the racers return into the cave where they come out of the water at a candle-lit area. After another right turn, the racers return to the line.


Mario's Circuit Edit

Mario's Circuit is the three-lap nitro course for its lenght - it's a loop featuring Goombas and Mega Goombas. The small obstacles feature oil slick and Piranha Plants.

Prehistoric PathEdit

Prehistoric Path is a three-lap course and the final course in the Flower Cup. The course is set in a dinosaur-world like place. The course starts in a mine, where a few oil slicks are. The course takes a sharp right turn down a hill and then a left turn out of the mine and underneath a dinosaur skeleton rib-cage. After the "cage", there is a sharp right turn where a few Skellyrexes are. There is then a small jump where the racers can either enter the mine by the cave, or by a small hole in the ground. Inside the mine, there are a few Kritters in mine carts that throw bombs. After a few quick turns, the racers must dodge some of Tiki Tong's minions and get to the finish line.


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