Foxy the Pirate is an antagonist in Six Nights at Sammy's


The pirate fox that every kid loves! He's there so kids could come to the mall and enjoy the fun!


Foxy will be active Night 2 onwards. He begins the night at Pirates Cove. When he leaves Pirates Cove, He will act as he did in the second game, Foxy will appear in the middle hallway. In this case, the head doesn't work, so the player must flash the light at him for approximately 10 seconds. If the flashlight is ignored, Foxy will jumpscare the player and end the game.


  • He, Bonnie, and Chica are the only three characters originally a part of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza to be redesigned for Sammy's Supermall.
  • The Player should notice that Pirates Cove is the only camera Foxy is visible in.

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