Freedom League: Manifesto's Rage Unleashed Story Mode Edit

Freedom League: Manifesto's Rage Unleashed Story Mode is a mode in the game, Freedom League: Manifesto's Rage Unleaashed. This mode will include many 3D levels, which the player will have to go through in order to beat the Story Mode. However, it is currently unknown how many levels are included. During some of the levels, there will be some scenes playing before, mid-way and after the levels which will look a bit realistic and 3D. While playing Story Mode, you are able to save after finishing every level. In each level, there are certain chosen characters you will have to play with. On most of the levels, there will be a reward and character unlocked.

The Story Mode is split into 3 chapters, Glitched World, An Unexpected Visit and Battle For Freedom. Each chapter will at least have 10-20 levels available. Around each level will take about 10 minutes or more. Each chapter will also feature different antagonists for the player to defeat.

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