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Freedom League: Ultron Unleashed is a new game coming up on 2015. It is said to contain mutiple characters from different franchises, making almost many playable characters! It will be released on the consoles: Wii U and the 3DS on May 10 2015, and on the PC on July 10 2015.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay will be similar to most RPG games, having a 3D world and able to do quests and more. The gameplay will have 3D graphics, 3D attack graphics and other 3D stuff.

The game also includes mechanincs which are really easy. One of the mechanics is the basic moving mechanic, where you are able to move your character around the 3D world. These basic movements are available to all characters:

  • Walking
  • Crawling
  • Sprinting/Running
  • Jumping
  • Double-Jumping
  • Edge Grabbing
  • Climbing
  • Rolling (Rolling Under Fences, etc.)

Another mechanic is the fighting mechanic, which allows the player to fight. These movements below are all the kinds of attacks available:

  • Basic Attacking
  • Combo Executioning
  • Mid-Air Attacking
  • Crouch Attacking
  • Side Attacking
  • Special Attacking
  • Special Mid-Air Attacking
  • Special Crouch Attacking
  • Special Side Attacking
  • Grabbing & Throwing
  • Freedom Move: (Name Of Move), Ultimate Execution Attack!

Story Edit

The Story Mode of the game is called The Fight For Freedom. The Story Mode brings the player to a great adventure, gathering many heroes to become members of the Freedom League. Throughout the story, the player will face many challenges. If you would like to see the levels of the Story Mode, click here.

Characters Edit

The game includes 59 playable characters, having 29 as default and 30 as unlockables. The characters come from many franchises such as Mario, Sonic, etc. All the characters will have a bit more realistic look, having creatures that are antamorphic creatures such as Sonic will look a bit furry.



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