Funhouse is a map on the game Call of Duty: Black Ops IV.

Call of Duty: Black Ops IV
Black Ops vs CDP
A funhouse in Rome, Italy
Map Scorestreak
Psycho Clown

Map Description Edit

Funhouse is a funhouse in Rome.

This is more a "creepy" environment, unlike the other maps in the game.

The environment is divided into three zones:

The entrance: The entrance of the funhouse. This is also where the Psycho Clown coming from.

The buffet: Where the cotton candy, snacks and teddy bears are found.

The Ferris Wheel: The exit. Where the carousel and the ferris wheel is.

Map Scorestreak - Psycho Clown Edit

Psycho Clown is a special scorestreak exclusivly for the map.

Psycho Clown






Unlocked at

Map scorestreak




You need 1000 points to earn it.

Once you activated it, a dramatic violin sound will play and a second later after it ends, a chainsaw sound will be heard.

If the clown won't find enemies, he will activate night vision to reveal enemies.

You can't control the clown.

Special mode locations Edit

Capture the Flag and Uplink: Object A is found on the entrance, and Object B is found near the ferris wheel.

Demolition and Search and Destroy: Both of the bombs are found around the buffet zone.

Domination: Point A is located at the entrance, Point C at the exit and Point B in the zone of the buffet.

Safeguard: The robo-demolition station is found on the exit.

Trivia Edit

  • The Psycho Clown outfit is inspired by Mortal Kombat X's DLC Character, Leatherface
    • Fun fact, Michael Myers, a character that related to Leatherface, was a Field Order character on CoD: Ghosts
  • This map is taking place during the night time.
    • However, you can still see your opponents, since there are lamps around the map.
  • On beta development, Funhouse was meant to be a "dark secret circus".
    • However, the special scorestreak was still the same.
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