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This page refers to the species as a whole. For notable Furfrou, see Category:Furfrou.

#676 676MS Furfrou
トリミアン Trimmien
Poodle Pokémon
Abilities Fur Coat
Pokédex Colour White
Egg Groups Field Egg Group

Furfrou (Japanese: トリミアン Trimmien) is a dual-type  Normal  Pokémon.

It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon.

Furfrou can have its hair trimmed into nine different styles to change its appearance. The styles include the Star, Diamond, Heart, Pharaoh, Kabuki, La Reine, Matron, Dandy, and Debutante Trim. If trimmed, Furfrou will revert into its natural appearance after five days or if deposited to the PC.


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Furfrou is a dog-like Pokémon with thick, white fur that covers its black body apart from its paws and face. It has round eyes with blue eyelids and red irises, a pointed snout with a round nose at the end, and long rectangular ears. When its mouth is open, two pointed teeth can be seen on its upper jaw. This Pokémon's furry coat cushions it against physical attacks. Furfrou is known to be loyal to its Trainer. It used to guard the king in the ancient times of Kalos. Like some real-world poodles, some domesticated Furfrou are commonly seen with their fur trimmed into various styles.


Canon Edit

in generation VII

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